MOLTEK wins a 3 year contract for Human Resource Management

MOLTEK has won a 3 year contract to provide EUROCONTROL with consultancy for advance Human Resource methods and tools in the Air Traffic control environment.

MOLTEK will be assisting EUROCONTROL to define methods and tools for the selection of air traffic controllers and Air Traffic Management Manpower planning. These methods and tools will eventually be employed as standards across air space managed by Eurocontrol member nations.

Human resource selection and management methods in the Air Traffic†domain (control and management) require careful evaluation and implementation. Personnel selected to perform in this environment must endure periods of high stress in a life critical operational environment. Controllers and supervisors must remain alert and sharp during both quiet and busy periods.

This is a difficult behavioural characteristic to encourage in an operational environment. Optimised and continually updated human resource methods and tools are essential if European air space is to retain its excellent safety record in the face of ever increasing traffic volumes. MOLTEK consultants will be actively involved in this important area of work with our client EUROCONTROL.