Aviation Business Unit

The MOLTEK Aviation Business Unit was formed to provide a focus for the wide range of technical services provided to the global air transport industry. It can offer advisory services in the areas of air traffic management, air transport and airport management and business and financial management.

MOLTEK Aviation also works with major engineering companies to provide a broader mix of its aviation skills with specialist engineering disciplines.

Air Traffic Management

Our consultants have extensive experience with air navigation service providers, regulatory bodies and key European agencies such as EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE and ESSP. Their ATM knowledge and experience covers ATM operations, safety regulation and the development and implementation of policy for airspace design, departure and arrival procedures, flight planning, collision avoidance systems and radar vectoring issues.

Air Transport and Airport Management

The expertise of MOLTEK consultants encompasses a wide range of disciplines within the fields of airline and airport management. Our consultants have worked in the commercial and operations groups of major airlines, managed international airports, developed a master plan for a new civil airport and worked with major engineering consultants on complex airport projects on a worldwide basis.

Business and Financial Management

 MOLTEK consultants have prepared business plans for the air traffic control bodies of several European states and carried out cost benefit studies for the development of new air traffic control centres and communications, surveillance and navigation systems.