Values & Culture

Within MOLTEK we accept that a working culture is as important to our strategy as our external environment. In other words, our strategy should accept that both the external and internal environment are important to our success.

We actively nurture a dynamic, empowering and motivating culture among our team by applying the following principles across our entire organisation and at all levels of decision making:

  • “Regardless of size MOLTEK must function and feel like a small company.”
  • “Our culture should encourage personal development.”
  • “Our services must be the best in the world.”
  • “Our people must be the most motivated.”
  • “Successes and achievements should always be rewarded”.
  • “Our profits should be ploughed back into the business and invested to bring creative ideas to market.”
  • “Making errors are opportunities to learn. Welcome errors but never make the same error twice.”
  • “It should be fun to work with MOLTEK – it should be a lifestyle and not a job.”
  • “Pride and prejudice has no place in MOLTEK - competence is king".