Specialist Consultancy Support

MOLTEK provides a range of specialised technical skills to industry through an extensive range of highly specialised consultants. Our consultants are highly experienced individuals who have worked with a range of large and established organisations across a range of specialised industries.

As such our consultants have an eclectic breadth of knowledge to draw on to assist our clients with their requirements. 

Competence Centres & Specialised Studies

In order to gain or even maintain market share, our clients must continually develop their services and products to take advantage of technological developments and new innovations in the market place.

In response to this requirement, MOLTEK offers a portfolio of Competence Centres, each dedicated to a specific technical or management field.

Facilities/Operations Management

MOLTEK is able to develop and design a comprehensive facilities and operations implementation plan to address our client’s requirements in operating their facilities.

MOLTEK is well placed to be able to support our clients, not only in preparing for operations, but also in delivering a fully trained and experienced team to ensure continued optimum performance throughout the period of operation.

Science & Engineering

In today's highly competitive business environment and in the context of rapid technological change; businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to undertake specialised scientific and engineering tasks to develop their products and services.

The cost of retaining a large full time team of multidisciplinary  staff necessary to fulfil a specific scientific or engineering project can be prohibitive.

Recruitment Services

Focused on supporting and enhancing our clients competence and capability in their core business areas by providing key personnel.

In addition to our consultancy and study services we are well positioned to utilise our extensive knowledge in our clients core technologies and business to carry out a more focused and effective recruitment program on behalf of our clients.


MOLTEK offers a range of technical training courses, intended for engineers and project managers, in the domains where expertise and training are rare or operationally critical.

These courses are prepared and presented by experts who have utilised these techniques over many years and in a wide spectrum of applications.