Science & Engineering

In today's highly competitive business environment and in the context of rapid technological change; businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to undertake specialised scientific and engineering tasks to develop their products and services.

The cost of retaining a large full time team of multidisciplinary  staff necessary to fulfil a specific scientific or engineering project can be prohibitive.

The objective of each project is different and continually changes with the competitive market from one project to the next, it is beyond the resources of most organisations to sustain effective applied research and development programmes to maintain their competitive edge necessary in today's world.

Through significant internal resources and an extensive global network MOLTEK has access to a large range of specialised scientific and technical skills.  In addition MOLTEK’s ability to cooperate with Universities and other research bodies place us in a unique position of being able to offer our clients a world class scientific and engineering resource.

We are well placed to build a focused project team to undertake a range of projects in the following fields:

  • Satellite Systems
  • Air Traffic Management Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Aircraft technology and Avionics
  • Defence Systems
  • Financial Services.