EUMETSAT awards EPS Mission Control System Maintenance support service contract to MOLTEK.

MOLTEK Group announce that EUMETSAT (the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), has awarded a support contract for EPS Mission Control System (MCS) Maintenance.

This support covers commissioning and routine operational phases of the EPS mission and the EPS Core Ground Segment within the Maintenance and Engineering Division team. The EPS Core Ground Segment monitors and controls EUMETSAT’s METOP satellites and processes and distributes all data from its instrument payload.

EUMETSAT is mandated to establish, maintain and exploit Europe’s system of meteorological satellites providing operational Earth observations for a current total of 19 Member and 11 Cooperating States.

Since its foundation in 1986 EUMETSAT has been contributing a wealth of reliable and high quality satellite data which are used for the purposes of meteorological forecasting (especially ‘Nowcasting’ i.e. very short term forecasting) and which are also used in numerical weather prediction models.