AXIOM™ opens new doors for Boeing 702 satellite owners/operators!

MOLTEK becomes a distributor of AXIOM™ satellite operations products for Boeing's 702 satellites.

Boeing's Satellite Development Center's (BSDC) adoption of the AXIOM™ System for operations product development has created new possibilities for

the future of Boeing 702 satellite operators. AXIOM's innovative flexibility provides platform-independence for the BSDC 702 operations products, allowing these AXIOM™ operations products to be used by satellite owners/operators to create paper procedures, automated software procedures and test procedures compatible with different real-time systems. Intelsat is the first major satellite operator to take advantage of this substantial breakthrough in satellite operations technology for the Spaceway F3, DirecTV 10, DirecTV 11 and DirecTV 12 satellites.

Boeing and MOLTEK have collaborated to provide the capability to deliver Boeing 702 AXIOM™ products to end-users to allow them to publish products compatible with their own unique real-time system using the AXIOM™ Software.