MOLTEK successfully delivers to Boeing's Satellite Development Center (BSDC)

MOLTEK successfully delivers to Boeing's Satellite Development Center (BSDC) all operational bus products for the Wideband Gapfiller Satellite (WGS) Program using the AXIOM(TM) System.


MOLTEK engineers have completed the development and validation of all bus procedures, automated software procedures (programs that execute on the real-time system) and validation test procedures and test reports for the new Wideband Gapfiller Satellite System. As part of this effort, the newly developed AXIOM(TM) products will replace BSDC's existing satellite procedures and automated software procedures for the entire BSS 702 product line, and will be used for the development and maintenance of all future BSS 702 satellites in the future.

This effort began with the integration of all content from BSDC's previous Recommended Operating Procedures (ROPs) and Cecil automated software procedures into the AXIOM(TM) System's single-source, platform-independent structure. The new AXIOM(TM) operations products were used with the AXIOM(TM) System to publish inherently consistent procedures, automated software procedures and test documentation for validation of the new WGS products. MOLTEK performed all unit testing of all of these operations products, and provided support to BSDC throughout all subsequent phases of validation. MOLTEK will continue to provide support to BSDC for the remainder of preparations for the WGS F1 launch, as well as during the WGS mission.  

BSDC has invested in the AXIOM(TM) System as the future for their satellite operations product development from a set of single-source, platform-independent source files. The use of the AXIOM(TM) System and MOLTEK support has reduced development and maintenance costs for the 702 spacecraft programs, and resulted in lower overall risk to the projects.