MOLTEK completes contract to deliver Spaceway F3 operations products to Intelsat (formerly Panamsat)

MOLTEK completes contract to deliver Spaceway F3 operations products to Intelsat (formerly Panamsat) ahead of schedule. 

MOLTEK was contracted by Intelsat to provide satellite operations products and an AXIOM™ System for use operating the new Spaceway F3, DirecTV 10, DirecTV 11 and DirecTV 12 satellites. The new Spaceway operations products were completed early and delivered to Intelsat, and the products for the 3 DirecTV satellites will be delivered in 4th quarter 2006 and in 2007. With the delivery of the Spaceway F3 products complete, Intelsat has requested further support from MOLTEK to create validation test procedures and software, and assist in validation of the automated software procedures.


Development of the Spaceway F3 products was performed by MOLTEK under a separate contract with Boeing Corporation’s Satellite Development Center (BSDC), after which MOLTEK licensed these products from BSDC for use by Intelsat for satellite operations. The entire project was a considerable effort, and MOLTEK Director, Mr. Sam Byland expressed his satisfaction with the company’s performance, “We are really pleased to have completed this contract early. The effort to create the new Spaceway products from BSDC’s ‘old’ MSWord Recommended Operating Procedures, as well as supporting the change from BSDC’s Raytheon CECIL-based real time system to an Integral Systems STOL real time system in only 3 months was a real challenge. Finishing even earlier was a significant accomplishment. This system has really proven the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the AXIOM™ System, as well as the ability to deliver excellent products far more quickly and with less risk than the ‘traditional methods’ allow.”

Intelsat was very pleased with the early delivery, and now looks forward to completion of validation of procedures and automated software procedures earlier than would have been possible without the use of the AXIOM™ products. Tina Arechiga, Senior Director of Ground Software Engineering said "We had a very short time frame to complete this development in order to be ready to operate these new Boeing 702 satellites and have been very pleased that MOLTEK not only delivered the Spaceway products on schedule as promised, but also finished the effort ahead of schedule."

The AXIOM™ System is a software package that provides the capability to develop, test and maintain satellite operations products in a platform-independent environment, and to create any number of different output documents from the same source files. Output documents can be modified in structure and syntax at any time without modifications to the source data (e.g. changing automated procedures from one real-time system syntax to another, changing ‘paper’ procedures from MS Word to HTML). AXIOM™ represents an innovative breakthrough in the development, management, maintenance and publishing of operations data, including satellite operational procedures, software procedures (programs executable on a satellite real-time system), and test documents to enable validation of published code. The AXIOM™ System provides unprecedented flexibility for operations preparation, and also significantly reduces both development and maintenance costs as well as operational risk.

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