Air Traffic Management

Our consultants have extensive experience with air navigation service providers, regulatory bodies and key European agencies such as EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE and ESSP. Their ATM knowledge and experience covers ATM operations, safety regulation and the development and implementation of policy for airspace design, departure and arrival procedures, flight planning, collision avoidance systems and radar vectoring issues.

Our consultants can demonstrate extensive knowledge of ANSP infrastructure, training requirements, the role of human factors and performance measurement both for staff and the air navigation service provider in the context of the European performance regulatory regime. 

MOLTEK Aviation skills in air traffic management cover the following areas:

  • airspace policy formulation
  • airspace and procedure design
  • airspace safety regulation
  • safety cases and safety management systems
  • ATC operational planning, management and operations
  • communications, navigation and surveillance infrastructure planning
  • software design, production and implementation
  • human factors and training
  • performance monitoring