MOLTEK wins major frame contract at EUROCONTROL

MOLTEK has succeeded in winning a comprehensive Frame Contract with EUROCONTROL* in Brussels in a consortium with several strategic partners.

Against strong competition from many blue chip and international organisations the MOLTEK consortium has been awarded a contract to permit a rapid response to urgent tasking and consultancy requirements for all EUROCONTROL activities.

EUROCONTROL is tasked with the harmonisation of European air space navigation and surveillance.

Achieving such a goal requires extensive consultancy and study support from European industry.

This requires an annual budget spend of 85 million euros. MOLTEK has shown that it is well placed to provide EUROCONTROL with access to some of the best European experts and specialists, thereby ensuring that EUROCONTROLís budget is spent wisely.

MOLTEK was able to demonstrate to EUROCONTROL that its infrastructure, processes and management culture are uniquely effective in delivering focused solutions efficiently.

EUROCONTROL has specified strict performance targets and service level agreements that MOLTEK will operate under.

Intergovernmental organisations, such as EUROCONTROL, that are involved in the service sector require extensive support services such as expert consultancy and short-term studies.

EUROCONTROL must depend on this Frame contract for reliable and rapid response to their requirements. MOLTEK has customised its global infrastructure for local service delivery to EUROCONTROL in keeping with our strategic philosophy:

"Global Solutions - Local Impact"


The MOLTEK Consortium is addressing the EUROCONTROL requirements in the following areas:

  • ATM / ATC / ATFM / AIS operations and procedures
  • Meteorology
  • Military operations and procedures
  • Data processing methods and systems
  • Communications (including satellite), network management, internet technologies and protocols
  • Frequency spectrum management
  • Surveillance (radar, satellite, ADS, etc)
  • Human factors, Human technology integration, HMI and ergonomics
  • Navigation (including satellite)
  • Airborne components (including FMS)
  • Environment and Safety management
  • Programme / Project / Risk management
  • CBA
  • Systems engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Simulation, Test and validation
  • System and database administration
  • Quality management (including ISO 9000)
  • Standardisation
  • Qualification / certification