AXIOM™ Key Features

Lower Cost: Significantly reduce operations product related maintenance costs

  • Single source document for all operational content
  • Operational changes made in one place/file
  • Step/figure/table/section numbering is automatic at time of publishing, with cross-references automatically updated
  • Eliminates all of the time wasted on formatting documents

No More Obsolete Procedures/SWProcedures: Expandable System

  • XML is open standard - operations source files usable by non-AXIOM™!" software without modification, or even from a command line
  • AXIOM™ components designed to be modular & independent; can mix-and-match editors, publishing interface, etc. as new tools become available in the industry
  • AXIOM™ is designed so the technically-advanced AXIOM™ owner can modify & expand the system themselves

Lower Risk: Inherent consistency between operational files/data

  • Various end-user documents (paper procedure, databases, software procedures) automatically stay synchronized because the data source is the same
  • Source documents automatically checked for consistency when published
  • Database-related content confirmed using current database versions when published


  • Change output document formats without modifying operations data source files to create new "looks" or to support real-time syntax changes, without revalidation
  • Real-time software language or interface changes dealt with by modifying XSL stylesheets; no changes to operations source files
  • Operations data/files are plain text files, allowing simple manipulation and accessibility
  • Create "subprocedures" to store repeatedly used content that can be referenced many times by one or many procedures
  • Add procedure structures to be used by new or modified procedures without affecting existing operations files; e.g. add a new type of command
  • Accommodate changing names/structures for databases without changes to operations files or AXIOM™ code
  • Statistics reports on the XML documents designed with minimal effort and performed on the entire output file/document set (e.g. lists of all telemetry and/or commands in each document, lists of all documents called by each document, lists of constraints in each document, etc.)
  • Advanced editing can be performed using any COTS XML editor if desired

Support Multiple Spacecraft: Generic procedures

  • TM & CMD, signatures & constraints, TM pages, satellite on-board processor data extracted from database at time of publishing
  • Data can be easily swapped from any database at publishing time
  • Procedure content can be filtered (sections included or excluded) based upon IF/ELSEIF/ELSE logic blocks that utilize any field of any database in the system

 Usability: Intuitive system does not require software expertise from the user

  • No detailed software knowledge required to edit procedures (paper and R/T software procedures)
  • No detailed software knowledge or detailed satellite operations knowledge required to publish documents/procedures/swprocedures
  • HTML output procedures can be viewed via a web browser from any computer with network access to the controlled file set

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