MOLTEK's  Advanced XML Integrated Operations Data Management (AXIOM™) system is an innovative breakthrough in the development, management, maintenance, and publishing of operations data.

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Unlike many software packages today designed by software engineers, the AXIOM system architecture was designed by systems engineers with decades of experience with satellite design, satellite operations and the development & testing of satellite procedures and real-time system software procedures.

AXIOM™ is designed using principles that will guarantee its expandability and avoid the well-known trap of satellite operational procedures, software code, and documentation becoming obsolete as satellite technology advances.

In addition, the system is built upon open-standard software languages that allow the technologically-advanced operator/manufacturer to expand and/or modify the AXIOM system themselves if they so desire.

The AXIOM™ solution applies equally well to on-station, transfer orbit, initialization, and systems test operations, and its extensive potential has been recognized and is being used by prestigious satellite manufacturers and operators such as Boeing Satellite Development Center and the Intelsat (formerly PanAmSat) Corporation.

AXIOM Key Features & Benefits 

  • Lower Cost: Significantly reduce operations product related development & maintenance costs
  • No More Obsolete Procedures/SWProcedures: User-expandable system that can incorporate most future COTS tools/components to replace out-dated ones
  • Lower Risk: Inherent consistency between operational files, procedures, code & data, and built-in error-checking for products
  • Flexibility: Incorporate new output formats and syntax as they are needed without changing operational data and procedures
  • Support Multiple Spacecraft: Generic procedure capability uses databases & modules to support spacecraft without redundant procedures/code
  • Usability: Intuitive system does not require software expertise from the user

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